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how to recover old deleted photos from android phone

how to recover old, deleted photos from android phone. Recovering deleted photos from an Android phone can be done in a few ways. Here are some steps to follow: Check the Recycle Bin or Trash folder: If the photos were deleted recently, they might still be in the trash folder. Some Android file managers have a Recycle Bin or Trash folder where deleted files are temporarily stored. Check if the deleted photos are still there and recover them. Use a Data Recovery Tool: There are many data recovery tools available online that can help you recover deleted photos from an Android phone. Some popular options include Disk Drill, EaseUS MobiSaver, and Dr. Fone. Simply download the software and connect your Android phone to your computer. The software will then scan your phone’s storage for recoverable files, including photos. Restore from a Backup: If you have a backup of your photos, you can restore them from the backup. If you use Google Photos, you can easily restore photos from the app’s tr