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true caller app download gold membership

True Caller app download Gold Membership True Caller is a popular phone number identification app that has over 100 million users worldwide. The app enables users to find out who is calling them, even if the number is not in their contact list. The app uses a database of millions of phone numbers that have been collected from users around the world. This database is constantly updated, making it one of the most accurate and up-to-date phone directories available. One of the key features of True Caller is its ability to identify unknown numbers. Whenever a call is received, the app checks the number against its database and displays the name of the person calling, along with other information such as their location, email address, and social media profiles. This makes it easy to screen calls and avoid unwanted telemarketers or spammers. Another great feature of True Caller is its call blocker. Users can easily block calls from unwanted numbers and even report numbers as spam. This featu